top ten online learning centre

top ten online learning centre


1. Bharat Skills

Skill of Bharat Skill of Bharat Skill of Bharat Skill of Bharat Portal is a database of skills-based courses, with the majority of people following the course. Bharat Skills Portal currently has e-learning videos for PP industries such as Carpenter, Electrician, and Plumber.

2. eSkillIndia

, a bilingual platform, with over 400 courses in around ten regional languages. Various knowledge and content partners contribute to the information on these portals

3. Future Skills

Students can learn future skills via the Future Skills Portal. It is a five-year industry-based learning ecosystem that intends to reintroduce 20 million professionals, future employees, and students to the sector.


4. Skillsbuild

With the advancement of technology, new jobs are being created that demand new skills in order to work and make a difference in the workplace. Soft training courses on modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, customer interaction, and so on are available through portals like Build.

The ion Digital Learning Hub is a great place to start if you’re looking for a way to


5.  ion Digital Learning Hub –

on is a digital platform that offers a diverse range of courses in a variety of fields. These courses are provided through collaboration with several institutions. Some recent collaborations have taken with to offer virtual training and career information for the inhabitants of the Ecosystem.

Higher education courses, including as graduate, postgraduate, and research courses, are available through the following four portals.

6. Swayam

Portal access, equity, and quality are the guiding principles of the portal. It offers courses ranging from ninth grade to postgraduate. Although Swami’s courses are free, students who want to receive self-certification must pay a fee to take the exam. Eligibility for the certificate will be posted on the course website, and only learners who meet these criteria will receive a certificate.


Also compiled by Madras, the portal is primarily used by others. The definition of is stored in the portal, which is then posted to the internet to allow others access. offers 23 branches with web and video courses where learners can achieve actual results in the form of certification for their efforts.


8. Swayam Prabha


Swayam Prabha is a network of 32 educational stations that broadcast high-quality programming. NPTEL, IITs, UGC, CEC, IGNOU, and NIOS have all contributed to this resource. Arts, Science, Commerce, Performing Sociology, and Agriculture are among the subjects offered in ninth grade.


9. E-patashala

NCERT’s E- project includes audios, videos, flipbooks, and other resources in Hindi, English, and Urdu. There are a total of 3886 sources and 504 e-textbooks on the portal and mobile.


10. Diksha

The National Teacher Platform (, commonly known as “initiation”) is a platform for teachers to manage open educational resources (OER) and open devices in their schools and teacher education institutes. The platform includes curriculum resources such as lesson plans, topic videos, worksheets, and maps.


The majority of these portals provide a mix of free and paid courses. The certificate information is presented on the individual course page and differs based on the course. In addition, the majority of portals are mobile-enabled, which means they include an app that students and teachers may use on their phones.

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