benefits of paying credit card bill through cred app 

Advantages of Using the Cred App to Pay Your Credit Card Bill


CRED is a service that allows you to pay your credit card bills online.

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CRED is the free smartphone app for the paying credit card bills. It is free to download on the iOS and Android, and it streamlines the bill-paying procedure while the rewarding users for paying their credit card payments on time.

Most major banks supply MasterCard, Visa, RuPay, American Express, and Diners Club credit cards, which Cred accepts.

How Does CRED Work?

CRED is only available if your credit score (CIBIL) is 750 or higher. CRED obtains access to your current credit score from credit agencies such as Experian, Crif, and CIBIL and validates it. If you meet the requirements, the app will be link your obtain cards to your CRED account. The following is the full registration guide:

Payment of a Credit Card Bill

Payment of a Credit Card Bill
Payment of a bill with an SBI credit card
Payment of Axis Credit Card Bills
Payment of a bill with an HDFC credit card
Payment of a Citibank Credit Card Bill
Payment of a bill with a Standard Chartered credit card
Payment of Kotak Credit Card Bill
Payment of Indusind Bank Credit Card Bill
Payment of Canara Bank Credit Card Bill
Payment of RBL Credit Card Bill
Yes, you can pay your bill with a bank credit card.
Payment of a PNB Credit Card Bill
Payment of a BOI credit card bill
Payment of a bill with an Indian Bank Credit Card
Payment of Vijaya Bank Credit Card Bills
Payment of Credit Card Bills using PhonePe
Payment of a bill with a BOB credit card
Payment of a bill with an IOB credit card
Payment of an HSBC Credit Card Bill
Payment of a credit card bill at DCB Bank
Payment of Syndicate Bank Credit Card Bills
Payment of a bill with an SBH credit card


  • Install the app on your Android or iOS device and register with your phone number.
  • The app will check your credit score and notify you if you are eligible for the service after verifying your phone number using an OTP.
  • The software will add all credit cards linked to your mobile phone after successful verification. You can add up to ten credit cards at once, with the option of adding more if necessary.
  • You must double-check your card information by entering the masked numbers.
  • By depositing Re.10 via IMPS/UPI, CRED will promptly verify your card(s).
  • You can pay your credit card bills after the verification and get the reward points equivalent to the bill amount paid.

How to Use CRED to Make Credit Card Payments

  • Netbanking, debit card, and UPI are all options for paying your credit card bill. To pay your bill on CRED, follow the steps below: Select the card whose bill you want to pay under the ‘Cards’ page. On-screen, the bill amount, as well as the minimum due, will be displayed. Click ‘Pay Now’ and type in the amount you want to pay. Select a payment option for your bill: If you’re paying with UPI, you’ll need to link your UPI address and account number before proceeding. If you’re paying with a debit card, include the card number. You can authorise the payment after CRED has authenticated your card. If you’re paying via netbanking, choose your bank from the drop-down menu. To complete the transaction, you will be transported to your bank’s netbanking page. You will obtain a transaction ID after a successful transaction for your records. The amount paid will be reflected in the app. It could take up to 20 working days for your bank to receive the payment, depending on the bank and mode of payment. Examine Your Eligibility Benefits of Using CRED
  • In addition to being a one-stop shop for paying your credit card payment, you receive reward points for every rupee you pay. The reward points are known as ‘CRED coins,’ and they may be redeemed for a variety of services on the CRED app. The app’s offer is refreshed on a regular basis, and you can use your CRED coins (also known as ‘burning CRED coins’) to redeem across categories.
  • You can keep track of your payment history for all of the cards you’ve linked to the platform, as well as any upcoming bills.
    Features like a ‘Kill the bill’ allow you to earn the rewards toward your bill repayment
  • Each time your card bill is generated, you will receive a reminder, ensuring that you do not miss or delay a payment.

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