best apps for selfies with filters

Apps for taking selfies with filters that are the best


Facetune 2: The Best Selfie Editor
Facetune is the greatest selfie retouching app.
Facetune is one of the greatest selfie photo editing apps.
Facetune 2 is a must-have for any selfie enthusiast’s toolset. This award-winning software is described as “your own personal assistant” and includes simple skills like smooth skin, whitener, sparkle, and red-eye remover. You may also modify the direction of the light source and increase features on your face and body using the app.

The best part about this software, though, is that you can utilise the live retouching option to improve your shot before you snap it.

comes includes optional in-app purchases, such as a membership subscription that gives you unrestricted access to all features.

2 available on the App Store

2. Take better selfies by Bing, editing, and filtering them.
BeautyPlus is one of the best picture editing apps for iPhone, with nearly five stars and over 150,000 reviews. While it features a variety of strong editing tools, such as a lip plumper, hair, and amusing augmented reality filters, the auto-beautify feature has received the greatest accolades from users.


While you can edit the photo manually if you want, the auto-beautify tool will convert your shot into the perfect selfie with a single click. The programme is free to download, but premium features like reshaping and firming tools require in-app purchases.


on the Apple App Store

3.: One of the top accessory selfie apps

Everlook, one of the top selfie editing apps for iPhone, is one of the most powerful face editing apps available. Not only can you virtually redesign your entire face – a contentious editing tool — but you can also add facial hair, change your eye colour, and even accessorise with hats and glasses.


The recognition technology in the app makes altering your selfie not only simple, but also enjoyable. While the free edition comes with a lot of features, the premium VIP Subscription comes with even more.


on the Apple App Store

4.: Hide imperfections and give your skin a healthy glow
This can help you fine-tune your features and disguise any blemishes on your face, making your photo even more Instagram-worthy. Multiple editing tools are available in the App Store to give you glowing skin, brighter eyes, and voluminous hair with the touch of a button.

While the free version of the programme has a lot of editing functions, the Black premium subscription has even more.

on the Apple App Store

5. Tell a story: Use light leaks and vintage effects to enhance your selfie.
The finest selfie app with filters is A Story.
Selfie filters in the story
With over 400 professionally created filters and 20 distinct advanced editing tools, A can help turn your standard selfie into an aesthetically beautiful masterpiece. You may use light leaks to smooth your skin and face as well as apply moveable effects to your shot.


While you can download Story for free, you’ll need to pay for a subscription to use all of the filters and tools.


On the App Store, a Story

6. VSCO: Perfect365, the best selfie filter app, is a traditional selfie editor.

7. Selfie editor with cosmetics tool, an iPhone selfie editing app

With over 114,000 reviews and a four-and-a-half star rating, is a virtual makeup software that can give you a complete makeover with just a single tap. There’s no limit to how you can experiment with your particular style with so many beauty products and looks produced by top Instagram.

While the free edition includes all of the cosmetic tools you’ll need to take the ideal selfie, the premium subscription unlocks an endless number of makeup looks.

on the Apple App Store

8. Retrica: The first camera with a filter

This photo editing app has a number of overlays and editing tools that can help you give your selfies a vintage look. The free version of this software will enable you post some pretty beautiful selfies thanks to numerous light leaks and over 190 filters.

You can access the whole library with the premium functionality.

on the Apple App Store

9. Selfie Editor: A straightforward editing app for your greatest selfies.
Selfie is a selfie app for iPhone.
The best selfie retouching app is Selfie Editor.
This easy picture editor is ideal for editing selfies to make them look more radiant, whiter, and other enhancements. The beauty camera also comes with a plethora of picture-perfect filters, ensuring that you always get a fantastic selfie.

The app is free to download, but you can upgrade to a professional selfie tool with an in-app subscription.

Selfie Editor is a free app available on the App Store. A selfie cam with live editing features is ideal. This app is well-known for having one of the greatest selfie cameras on the market. You can perfect your selfie before you even take it with the live effect option. After you’ve shot your picture, you can use the magic brush to add bursts of forms or the blur tool to hide any ugly elements of the image.

The majority of functionality are included in the free edition. The premium edition, on the other hand, includes an even more distinctive feature.

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