Daad Scholarship Germany With Housing Allowance of 934 Euros per Month

Higher education aspirants from any country including Bangladesh can apply.DUD is one of the scholarships in Germany. The Germany Academic Exchange Service, abbreviated as Dade Scholarship. It was first launched in 1925. About one and a half lakh students are funded every year by this scholarship.
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daad scholarship Germany

Dud has many benefits compared to other scholarships in Germany.

  • Tuition fee and examination fee.
  • Monthly allowance (934 Euros).
  • Tickets for flights.
  • Health insurance.
  • Subsidy for study and research.
  • 6 months German language course.
  • Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree as a qualification.
  • Must apply within 6 years of obtaining the last degree.
  • The candidate should be from a developing country.
  • English or German.
  • Certificates and other documents should be sent along with the application form.

What are the linguistic qualifications?
Teaching in Germany is usually done in two languages, German and English. If one wants to do a Master’s in German, it is mandatory to complete the language course up to Basic 1. This course can be done at Goethe Institute, Dhanmondi. But if one wants to do a Master’s in English, then different universities ask for different certificates.

daad scholarship 2024

How to apply
First of all, log into the Uni Assist website and open an ID in your name. Then enter the university and subject section of the university to which you will apply and record the information accurately. Then attach all your certificates, language certificates, and motivation letters in the upload section here. An auto PDF copy will be generated after submitting the form online. The form should be printed and signed in the prescribed space.

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Click on the university website to enter the page of your choice and download and print the application form. Then fill it out manually or after filling it out online, print the auto-generated PDF copy and sign in the prescribed space.

daad scholarship for undergraduate

Get letters of recommendation from two or three professors (even associate or assistant professors) from the institution where you graduated. In this case, the official pad of teachers will be used. The letter of recommendation must mention the name of the chosen subject and where to study.

Get a Bachelor’s Certificate, Transcript, ILTS Certificate, and SSC Certificate Notarized by a Government Advocate. Or attest from the German Embassy.
A motivational letter should be written A sample copy of this can be found by searching on Google. Here you have to write down your love words for the subject you are going to read. Care should also be taken to ensure that the writing is not too oily.

how to apply to Daad scholarship

Bank account details for remittance are mentioned on the Uni Assist website You should go to the foreign exchange branch of any bank with your passport along with the application form. From there, transfer the equivalent of 75 Euros to UniAssist’s bank account. Also, collect a proof copy of the remittance from there. The bank authority will give the direction to send money here.

After collecting everything, the papers should be sorted according to the following serial.

University application form
Notarized or attested copy of Bachelor’s Degree Certificate, Transcript, and SSC Certificate
Motivation letter
Two or three letters of recommendation
University Certificate (if any)
Notarized or certified copy of IELTS

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