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CVs are used for job applications or higher education applications in Europe. It is the format created by the European Union to be used to promote transparency and mobility in the job market in Europe. Europass CV is accepted by employers and educational institutions across Europe and can help you present your qualifications and experience in a clear and organized manner.
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Write quantitatively about your experience.
Quantified bullet points are more likely to impress employers because they better demonstrate your abilities through bullet points without hard numbers.

When creating your Europas CV, you will be asked to fill in your gender and nationality. However, think about it before you decide to provide personal details.
Your gender and nationality are not required on your CV and this can lead to unintentional discrimination.

Europe CV format free download

One difference between an American resume and a European CV is that while a resume should only be one page, the recommended CV length is 1-2 pages.

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