highest paying jobs in italy 2022 

Italy’s highest-paying jobs in 2022

1. Surgeon / Physician

Salary range: 16,600 to 48,700 dollars

Because of the crucial nature of their work, surgeons are at the top of the list of highest-paying professions. Surgeons work in the high-risk environment that necessitates significant knowledge and a steep learning curve; essential ingredients for the high-paying job.

generator with a high risk perception


2. Judges

Salary range: 13,900 to 40,900 dollars

Due to the significant obligations that come with the position of a judge, they are paid well. It is not an easy duty to decide on people’s futures, but it is entirely justified.

knowledge of great responsibility


3. Attorney

Salary range: 11,300 to 33,100 dollars

The fundamental reason for this is that wages have a high perceived value in the eyes of their customers. A successful lawyer can help you save/earn a lot of money or even save your life.

generator with a high perceived value


4. Bank Executives

Salary range: 10,600 to 31,200 dollars

Managing a bank is a high-salaried job that entails being in charge of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and investments, as well as all of the hazards that come with it.

high level of accountability


5. President and Chief Executive Officer

Range of pay: $9,940 to $29,200

Due to the enormous scope of impact as well as the concerned, are principally accountable for the success or failure of completes huge remuneration.

I am at risk on the large scale.


6. Executives in charge of finance

Range of pay: $9,270 to $27,300

Any job that requires you to manage money on a regular basis and pays well.

Budget, expending, and revenue are all factors that have a direct impact on the organization’s operations.

job with a lot of responsibilities


7. Orthodontists

Range of pay: $8,940 to $26,300

Orthodontists work in a field where customers are eager to pay for a service, making them one of the highest-paying jobs.

generator with a high cost level


8. Professor at a college

College professorship is one of the highest-paying and most respected professions. It is not simple to become a professor, and it takes a lot of perseverance, which is why the pay is so great.

generator with a high perceived level


9. Pilots

Range of pay: $6,620 to $19,500

Despite the fact that pilots go by the difficult training programmes and are responsible for the safety of thousands of people every day, they are probably the only occupation on the list that include some level of the thrill.

high level of expertise


10. Marketing Directors

Range of pay: $5,960 to $17,500

Marketing directors are in charge of raising revenue and are handsomely compensated because they are directly accountable for generating business.

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