highest paying jobs in italy 2022 

Italy’s highest-paying jobs in 2022


1. Surgeon / Physician

Salary range: 16,600 to 48,700 dollarsBecause of the critical nature of their work, surgeons are among the highest-paid professions. Surgeons work in a high-risk environment that necessitates significant knowledge and a steep learning curve; essential ingredients for a high-paying job.

generator with a high risk perception

2. Judges 

Salary range: 13,900 to 40,900 dollars

Because of the significant obligations that come with the job, judges earn quite a bit of money. Choosing people’s futures is not an easy assignment, and the stakes are tremendous.

knowledge of great responsibility

3. Attorneys

Salary range: 11,300 to 33,100 dollars

Lawyers are paid mostly because of their high perceived worth in the eyes of their clients. A good lawyer can save/earn you money or perhaps keep you from facing the death penalty.

generator with a high perceived value

4. Bank Executives

Salary range: 10,600 to 31,200 dollars

Being in control of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and investments, as well as all of the hazards that come with it, makes managing a bank an incredibly important job that pays well.

high level of accountability

5. President and Chief Executive Officer

Range of pay: $9,940 to $29,200

are mostly to blame for completes’ success or failure. The large pay is due to the broad extent of influence and the number of people involved.

I am at risk on a large scale.

6. Executives in charge of finance

Range of pay: $9,270 to $27,300

Any job that requires you to manage money on a regular basis and pays well. Budget, spending, and revenue are all factors that have a direct impact on the organization’s operations.

job with a lot of responsibilities

7. Orthodontists 

Range of pay: $8,940 to $26,300

Orthodontists work in a sector where customers are prepared to pay a premium for a service, making them one of the highest-paid professions.

perceived generator with a high cost level

8. Professor at a college

Professorships at colleges and universities are among the highest-paying and prestigious professions. It is not simple to become the professor, and it takes a lot of the perseverance, which is why they are paid so well.

generator with a high perceived level

9. Pilots 

Range of pay: $6,620 to $19,500

Despite the fact that pilots go through difficult training programmes and are responsible for the safety of thousands of people every day, they are probably the only occupation on the list that involves some level of thrill.

high level of expertise

10. Marketing Directors 

Range of pay: $5,960 to $17,500

Marketing directors are in responsible of growing their company’s income. They are directly accountable for generating business and are well compensated because of this.

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