How to check  name in 7/12 utara online 

How to look up a person’s name in 7/12 utara online


How to Check Gujarat Land Records 7/12 Online (AnyROR)


1. Go to the AnyROR website and the log in.

2. Choose one of the three options – Land Record Rural, Land Record Urban, or Search – based on your search requirements.

3. You’ll be routed to the following page, which includes a drop-down menu with options like-

1. Details from an old scanned Vf-7/12

2. Recognize Khata by its owner’s name

3. Mutation Notice 135-D

4. Details from an old scanned Vf-6 entry

5. Month’s Entry List

6. Vf-7 Survey No Information

7. Specifics

8. Vf-6 Entry Information

9. No from a new survey 10. Promulgated Village Is Old integrated Survey No Information 12. Information on the Revenue Case

4. Based on your search, choose one choice and fill in all of the relevant information.


5. Go to Record Detail to receive the information you need.

AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat Benefits

1. Ensures that land ownership rights are protected.

2 Access to bank loans is simple.

3. Act as a key document in determining ownership in the event of a land dispute or litigation.

4. Is an important document to have when selling land since it allows the buyer to double-check the details of the land.

5. The application is free and saves time while checking records.

Gujarat has a six different types of the land records.

7. The portal includes government-verified online land records that are kept up to date. The following are examples of the land records:

8. VF 6 (Village Form 6) — The Village Accountant or Talati keeps track of day-to-day changes in land records.

9. VF 7 (Village Form 7) – Satbara Utara is another name for it.

10. VF (Village Form) – It gives you more information.

11. 155 D – This is a Mutation Notice. The Village Accountant provides 175D when a person applies for a mutation.

Any ROR Gujarat Portal provides services.

The following services are provided by AnyROR Gujarat.

1. Land Records in Rural Areas

2. Land Records in Cities

3. Search for a home

4. An online application to request authorization to, pay a premium, and so forth.

How can I check Gujarat’s rural land records?

To obtain a rural land record, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the AnyROR website and the log in.


2. On the home page, select View Land Record from the drop-down menu.

3. You will be taken to the website listed below.


4. Select one of the choice listed below.

Details from an old scanned Vf-7/12

Khata is known by its owner’s name.

135-D Notice of Change

Details from an old scanned Vf-6 entry

Month-by-Month Entry List

There are no details about the Vf-7 survey.

Vf-8a Khata Specifications

Details of the Vf6 entry

No from a new survey

Promulgated Village is a village that has been around for a long time.

No specifics on the integrated survey

Details on the Revenue Case

5. Choose a District and a Village, then fill in the rest of the information.

6. Select Get Record Details from the drop-down menu.

How can I check Gujarat’s urban land records?

How to Get the Your Hands on City Land Records-

1. Go to the AnyROR website and the log in.


2. From the home page, select Land Record –

3. You will be directed to the website listed below.


4. Select any of the following options from the Select of Any One menu.

Information about the survey number

Details about the Nondh Number

135-D Pay attention to the intricacies

By knowing the owner’s name, you can figure out the survey number.

Month-by-month, year-by-year entry list (detail of note by year and month)

By using the UPIN, you can find out more about the survey number.

5. Select the District, Survey Number, and Sheet Number from the drop-down menus.

6. Enter the and select Get Record Details from the drop-down menu.

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