How to Find a Lost or Stolen Phone 

What to Do If Your Phone Is Stolen or Lost


How to Use the IMEI Number to Track a Stolen or Lost Phone – imei tracker


Step 1: Report the phone missing or stolen to the police and retain a copy of the report.

Step 2: Contact your service provider for a duplicate SIM card; you will receive a on this number when you request the number be blocked. will not allow you to track your misplaced phone, but will render it entirely useless to whoever discovers it using harmful software.

Step 3: Go to the blocked portal here and upload the necessary documents. You’ll need a copy of the police report, verification of your identity, a purchase invoice, and other documents.

Step 4: You should receive an On the number you entered; this should be the same number that was active on the phone before it went missing.

Step 5: You’ll be issued a request ID, and you’ll be able to check the status of the request or unblock it.

How to Locate a Stolen Phone Using the Serial Number

What is an imei tracker?

When you report a lost or stolen phone, the network operator will blacklist the phone’s number in a central database, and other operators will likewise prohibit the phone, preventing it from working on any network even if the SIM card is changed. This new Department Telecom effort has a lot of potential and should benefit a lot of people.

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While you can’t monitor a missing phone directly from your phone, you can put it on a network operator’s alert list. When a phone is joined to the network, it can be identified in this way. You can do this by filing a FIR and putting your phone to the blacklist using the procedure described above. This will alert law enforcement and the network operator to the presence of your phone on their network, allowing them to take appropriate action.

Tracker’s Benefits

It is not workable to alter the number

Nobody can change the number, and this is how mobile phones are tracked. Even the thief who took your phone won’t be able to modify it. The sim card or the location can both be disabled, but the phone number will never be restored. As a result, it’s critical to save the phone’s number.

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To stop the tracker, you can block the phone number.

You can cease using your cellphone by blocking the I number. If you block the number, even if the thief obtains your phone, he will be unable to use it. In the event that your phone is stolen, the first step is to block the number. In order to do so, you must notify the cops.

While we have great tools like Find my iPhone and Find my Phone for Android, they are useless if the phone is not connected to the internet. Without an active internet connection, every third-party and first-party app on the phone will fail to work. is a central database of mobile operator phone numbers. It is simple to distinguish one mobile phone from another because each has its own unique number.

The Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) was unveiled by the Indian government. This allows users to disable or track a phone that has been misplaced. If the SIM card is removed or, the new technology will function. As a result, a lost cellphone may be tracked quickly. The registration is overseen by the Development Centre. They’re working with telecommunications companies and other regulatory bodies to trace down misplaced smartphones.

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