How to Find a Lost or Stolen Phone 

How to Locate a Stolen or Lost Phone


How to Use an IMEI Number to Track a Stolen or Lost Phone – imei tracker


Step 1: The first step is to report the phone as lost or stolen to the police and retain a copy of the report.

Step 2: Your service provider will then provide a duplicate SIM card, which you will receive when you request the number to be blocked. This will not allow you to track your misplaced phone, but will effectively render it useless to anyone who finds it with malevolent intent.

Step 3: Go to the portal that is currently blocked and upload the appropriate document. You’ll need a copy of the police report, proof of identity, a purchase invoice, and other information.

Step 4: You will be given an On number, which should be the same as the one that was active on the phone when it was lost.

Step 5: You’ll be issued a request ID, which you may use to check on the progress of the request or unblock it.

How to Locate a Stolen Mobile Phone Using Its Number

So, what’s the deal with imei tracker?

When you report a lost or stolen phone, the network operator will add the device’s number to a central database as blacklisted, and the operator will also block the device from working on any network, even if the SIM card is replaced. The Department of Telecom’s new programme has a lot of potential and will hopefully help a lot of people.

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While it is technically impossible to locate a lost phone straight from your phone, the network operator can place the phone on an alert list. When a phone is linked to a network, it can be identified in this way. Following the FIR process and putting your phone to the blacklist via the manner above will ensure that law enforcement and the network operator are on the watch for your phone, and when they find it on their network, the law enforcement will be contacted so that they can take appropriate action.

The advantages of using a tracker

It is impossible to change the number.

The number cannot be changed by anyone at any time, and this is how mobile phones are tracked. Even the robbers who stole your phone won’t be able to change the number. The sim card or the location can be switched off, but the phone number cannot be replaced, hence it is necessary to save the phone number.

You can put a stop to the tracker by blocking the phone number.

By blocking the I number, you can prevent your phone from being used. If you block the number, even if the burglar obtains your phone, he won’t be able to use it. In the event that your phone is stolen, the first thing you should do is block the number. To do so, you must notify the police.

While we have great tools like Find My iPhone and Find My Phone for Android, they are useless if the phone does not have an internet connection. Without an active internet connection, any third-party or first-party app on the phone will not work. is a central database that contains all of the mobile providers’ phone numbers. Because each mobile phone has a unique number, it is simple to distinguish the device from others.

The Indian government has released the Central Equipment Identity Register, or CEIR. This essentially allows users to disable or trace a phone that has been misplaced. If the SIM card is removed or, the new technology will still work. As a result, a missing phone can be tracked quickly. The Centre Development of manages the registry and collaborates with telecom operators and other regulatory agencies to trace down misplaced devices.


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