top 10 best antivirus app for android

Android’s top ten best antiviral apps

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security

The finest antivirus app for Android smartphones is Bitdefender Mobile. It protects your Android device from viruses and other threats while consuming very little battery power.
Highlights include:
Allows you to access the Internet safely.
Allows you to locate, lock, or format your device in the event that it is lost or stolen.
Has a negligible to little impact on the battery
Check to see if your account’s privacy has been compromised and if your email account has been hacked.
Works with Android 5.0 or higher.
Its operation necessitates the use of the Internet.
Conclusion: You can have secure access to the Internet for 200 MB per day using this. You also get anti-theft protection, as well as security against and other threats.
The app is both inexpensive and highly recommended. Although a free version is available, others offer a wider range of features with their free versions.
Price: The following are the price plans:
$14.99 for one account (for first year)
$44.99 for 5 accounts (for first year)
Mobile Security (website)

2. Avira

is the finest free Android antivirus. It protects your privacy, filters harmful apps and websites, and provides you with 100 MB of free data every day, among other features.
There are also paid plans that allow you to download premium mobile apps, receive VIP customer service, and much more.
The Best Feature
Get a free account if you surf 100 MB every day.
Tools to assist you in recovering your phone if it has been stolen.
In the event of a breach, you will be notified immediately.
Password-protect the app on your phone.
All websites that appear to pose a threat to your device are blocked.
Conclusion: With over 30 years of industry expertise, over 20 million users globally, and a 4.6/5 rating in the Google Play store, is unquestionably one of the most popular and recommended antivirus for Android devices.
There is a free version as well as three paid versions. The following is the pricing structure:
Security Pro costs $11.99 each month.
$31.99 per month for Prime Mobile

3. Norton Mobile Security

For Android cellphones, Norton Mobile Security is the finest option. It protects your device from dangers, provides security against cybercrime and harmful networks, and keeps you safe when surfing the web.
The Best Feature:
Their patent-protected app scanning system protects your phone from any danger.
Aids in the prevention of -crimes.
If you connect to a non-network, it will notify you.
Malicious websites are detected.
You can keep an eye on privacy risks by downloading a Google Play app.
Verdict: Norton Mobile Security is a cost-effective and dependable security solution for Android mobile devices. For personal usage, this award-winning Android antivirus is recommended.
Price is $14.99.
Website: Norton


Avast Mobile Avast Mobile is the best choice for families and offices.
Avast Mobile Security is a popular, light, and strong antivirus programme that provides free Android phone security. This antivirus programme aims to protect your Android device’s privacy, security, and speed.
The Best Feature:
App that detects fraudulent apps.
Protects you against web links that may provide a security risk to your device.
Checks the security of a network.
With Avast’s help, you can keep your browsing history secret.
Allows you to share the app with up to ten others. Mobile Security is the top free antivirus for Android phones, with a 4.7/5 rating on Google Play. This antivirus is recommended if you have many computers at home or at work.
The following are the prices:
Android devices are protected by Avast Premium Security. ($44.99 per year for a total of ten devices)
Avast Ultimate costs $49.99 per year for a single device and $59.99 for ten devices.
Avast Mobile’s website

#5  Mobile Antivirus

Mobile Antivirus is the best option for free 24/7 threat protection.
Mobile security for Android devices is provided. It includes antivirus software as well as features for safeguarding your privacy and identity. Artificial intelligence-based software continuously detects and blocks potential threats to your device.


Highlights include:

Keeps an eye on dangers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Anti-theft features include the ability to lock, locate, and wipe a stolen device.

Find out which apps are listening in on your phone calls or texts.

If you come across a URL that takes your information, it will notify you.

Scans your apps for you automatically.

Conclusion: Kaspersky is the best antivirus app for Android and comes highly recommended. You get tools for security against theft, fraudulent websites, links, or programmes, and much more for a low price.

A free plan is available. The annual fee for the paid plan is $11.99

Website: Antivirus for Mobile Devices


6. AVG Antivirus Free

The camera trap function is the best.

The best free antivirus for Android is AVG Antiviru Free. They also provide some paid features that can be used for free for a period of 30 days. This programme guards your Android device from viruses and theft. You also receive a mechanism for protecting your privacy by password-protecting your apps.

The Best Feature:

In the event that your phone is stolen, this app will assist you in locating it.

You can password-protect the app on your phone.

If someone tries an incorrect password three times on your phone, the app will take his picture and send it to you, along with the time and location of the incident.

When you replace your sim card, your smartphone will automatically lock.

Defends your smartphone against viruses, malware, spyware, insecure apps and settings, unwanted calls, and other malicious threats.

Conclusion: The fact that this antivirus for Android has over 100 million downloads speaks much about it. The complimentary features are appealing. The camera trap feature, which records the image of the person attempting to unlock the smartphone, is particularly impressive.

The app is accessible for no cost. There is also a Pro (premium) plan that is free for the first 30 days.

AVG Antivirus Free (website)


7. Trend Micro Mobile Security is ranked

Ideal for use at home or in the office.

Trend Micro is a security software company that has been around for 30 years. They offer services for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chromebooks. You can choose between a residential and a business solution. The antiviru can be downloaded for free. You can upgrade to a paid subscription if you want more features.

The Best Feature:

Boost your device’s performance.

Threats are prevented from reaching your device through a clever cloud-based network.

It safeguards your privacy from those who wish to snoop on you.

Child safety is ensured.

Works with Android 4.1 and iOS 11 or later.

Conclusion: Trend Micro Mobile Security provides free antivirus software for detecting and removing viruses and other threats to your mobile device. For home or business use, we may recommend their programmes for 5 or 10 devices.

The following are the prices:

Maximum Security costs $39.95 per year for a five-device licence.

Premium Security Suite costs $69.95 per year for a total of ten devices.

Trend Micro Mobile Security’s website


8. McAfee Mobile Security

The best option for protecting your personal information.

Identity protection is provided by McAfee Mobile Security. With McAfee, you can acquire tools to protect your device from viruses, preserve your identity, and give you a safe online experience.

Highlights include:

You will be protected from risks such as harmful links, websites, and so on.

Get McAfee’s to secure your personal and financial information from those who would steal it.

Scan your device’s apps on a regular basis for risks and block them.

Protects your personal information from websites that aren’t trustworthy.

Conclusion: McAfee is an award-winning antivirus services provider that improves your device’s performance, provides a secure browsing experience, protects your identity, and much more. McAfee is a highly recommended antivirus for Android because of all of its features.

There is a 30-day free trial available. For a year, prices start at $24.99 (for 10 devices).

McAfee Mobile Security’s website


9. Malwarebytes Security

Best at detecting and removing threats automatically.

The best antivirus app for Android is Malwarebyte Security. It has features for cyber security, such as tools for removing threats from your device, detecting phishing URLs, and much more.

The Best Feature:

Threats are detected and removed automatically.

The privacy audit function searches for apps that track your movements.

Phishing URL is detected.

Removes bloatware from your Android device, allowing it to run more smoothly.

Gives you the ability to preserve your privacy.

Conclusion: For commercial needs, security can be a useful solution. They have programmes for both personal and corporate use.

Price: The following is the price plan for personal use:

$3.33 per month (basic)

$5 per month (for one device) is required.

$6.67 per month for essential (for five devices).

Security on the Internet

10 Google Play Safeguard

Best for dependable and cost-free security.

Google Play Protect protects your device and data by detecting and deleting potentially harmful applications), provides anti-theft protection, informs you if someone is monitoring your location or other activities, and much more.

Highlights include:

App verification on the cloud assures that the apps are not PHAs (Potentially Harmful Applications).

If it is determined that an is of no use to the user, it is automatically removed and blocked.

In the event of a theft, this app will assist you in locating your smartphone.

Allows you to remotely lock or wipe the device.

Conclusion: Google Play Protect is a built-in security feature of the Google Play store. It protects you against untrustworthy apps, assists you in locating your smartphone in the event of theft, and much more.

However, experts believe that for security purposes, you should not rely only on Google Play Protect.

Free of charge

Google Play Protect (website)

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