top 10 best gps tracking app for android

Android’s top ten greatest gps tracking apps


1. The FamiSafe GPS Tracker App is the great way to keep track of your family.


is a tool for keeping track of children and monitoring them. You may use to track your children’s GPS location as well as their location history to see where they went without contacting.
Look up the location’s history. The GPS tracker app allows you to track your whereabouts in real time.
Set a timer for when you’ll arrive at the area and receive an alert when you do.
Keep track of your phone’s usage and apps.
Block porn gambling-related apps and websites.
Main social media app android tracking app –

GPS Tracker App Explicit Content Detection

And what can I do to assist?
is a must-have app for your child’s protection. allows you to limit screen time remotely, track your child’s whereabouts in real time, and detect any unsuitable content on their device.
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App Blocker & App Activity Tracker Web Filter & Screen Time Limit & Schedule Location Tracking & Driving Report
Video Blocker; YouTube & History Monitor
Texts from Social Media & Pornographic Images Alerts
Compatible with the Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and the Kindle Fire

2. Phone Tracker with GPS

GPS Phone Tracke is an Android tracking app that allows you to track someone’s whereabouts. It is one of the most dependable and user-friendly GPS trackers available. Install this app on your phone and your child’s phone, and you’ll be able to see their current location in real time.
Get the GPS location of your children with a ease.
You can also create notifications for when your children arrive at a specific location.
Using an Android phone tracker app, you may locate your misplaced handset.

3. GPS tracker for family members

Family Locator is the sophisticated GPS tracker programme that allows you to keep track of your children’s whereabouts and ensure their safety. It is the most trustworthy GPS tracker for the Android, allowing parents to set notifications for when their children arrive at a specific location, such as school or home. Using a single account, you can be keep track of your entire family.


Accurate tracking is a property of advanced GPS tracking.

You can be track your children’s whereabouts in real time and get alerts when the they arrive at a certain spot.

Excellent client service for troubleshooting issues.

You can track that individual.

App to track your android phone – GPS finder – Family Locator

4. GPS Tracker for My Family

My Family GPS Tracker is the flexible Android GPS tracker that allows you to keep track of your loved ones. It is a safe, dependable, and simple-to-use GPS tracker that will keep your kids safe. You may also use the built-in chatting quality to communicate with the our children and loved ones.


You can see where your child is.

It offers a Kid Mode that prevents your child from using the location services.

It also features a premium mode that allows you to see and hear your child’s surroundings.

Follow the target’s location history.

Android tracker software – My Family GPS Tracker

5. Locate My Children – GPS Tracker

Find My Kid is a thorough Android monitoring tool that may help you keep a close eye on your children’s whereabouts. When it comes to tracking lost children, its GPS tracking feature comes in handy.


Collect the automatic notifications when your child arrives at a specific area.

It’s simple to use and dependable.

Also, keep an eye on battery life of your child’s device.

There is no need to register.

Find My Kids – GPS Tracker – GPS Tracker – GPS Tracker – GPS Tracker – GPS Tracker – GPS Tracker

6. Parental Control

Parental Control is a sophisticated child tracking programme that allows you to follow your children’s whereabouts in real time. You may also examine their location history and track their other mobile activities including calls, browser histories, and more. It’s not just a phone tracker for Android; it’s also a fully fledged parental control app.


Get a thorough report on your location’s history.

In real-time, track your children’s GPS whereabouts.

Keep an eye on your children’s browsing history and app usage.

Parental Control with a Cell Phone Tracking App

7. Safety & Family Locator

It is one of the most versatile GPS trackers for Android that not only displays you your children’s current location but also assures that they are safe at all times. contains a panic button that your children can use to inform you if they are in danger.


With real-time location tracking, you’ll always know where your kids are.

Allows you to receive notifications when your children arrive at a location.

The Panic button allows children to easily transfer their whereabouts.

It doesn’t use a lot of battery.

Family Locator Safety is a GPS tracking software for parents.

8. MMGuardian Parent App

Parent Tool is a parental control app that also functions as a GPS tracker enabling parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts. It will show the location of your child’s smartphone on a map and send you updates on their whereabouts.


Get the current location of the child.

Set a screen time restriction to limit how much time you spend on your device.

Call and block.

App and website blocking are also viable options.

Parent Software is the greatest gps tracking app for Android.

9. Phone Tracker for Kids

Another software for the parents who wish to know where their children are at all times is Kids Phone Tracker. It can be also utilised to obtain a thorough report of the sites they visited.


Stay track of your children’s current GPS position.

You may be also keep track of where you have  been in the past.

Clean, user-friendly UI.

Other device actions, such as call logs, can be tracked using the app.


10. Android location tracking app – Kids Tracker

The finest Android phone tracker applications that allow users to monitor and track the GPS location of their other family members come in at number ten on the list.


Get your current GPS location, including longitude and latitude.

You can also choose to set

Keep track of your device’s location history.

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