Top 10 real time bus tracking system provider in india

India’s top ten real-time bus tracking system providers


The safety of pupils is the top priority for school administrators. That is why most schools are now outfitted with cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of students on campus. As a result, schools prefer to use school bus tracking businesses to provide them with better tracking platforms.

Apps for kids that are more advanced

The benefits of adopting such platforms include GPS tracker devices and the ability to follow school buses in real time. The school’s administration can simply track their exact whereabouts, travel patterns, and even fuel use.

For your consideration, below are a couple of the greatest school bus and tracking companies.

1 SchoolBus Track

This is one of the greatest school bus tracking firms, with custom-tailored software, a hardware-independent solution, unique value-added features, and customised apps for teachers, driver consoles, and school transportation managers. Their approach allows you to personalise the software to meet your own needs and preferences.

2. TrackingHAWK

For effective school bus tracking, Softcruise Technologie offers revolutionary cloud-based fleet management software. Advantages include high performance and speedy analysis. In addition to ensuring comprehensive transportation safety, they provide increased fleet efficiency, eliminate overtime, and lower fuel and maintenance costs.

3. Tata Tele Business Services is a subsidiary of Tata Tele (TTBS)

This is one of the best school bus tracking firms, with a crew capable of converting a fleet of school buses into Smart Buses for safe and effective administration. RFID technology provides boarding, bus attendance, and incorrect bus boarding notifications. End-to-end service, deployment, and effective monitoring are among the highlights.

4. AVLView

This Singapore-based company’s comprehensive bus tracking services provide you complete control over your school bus fleet and allow you to monitor and track specific whereabouts around the clock.

Other notable characteristics include:

  • Timesheet for students in real time
  • RFID is used to identify students.
  • Accidents are quickly reported.


This is a well-known school bus tracking firm that was awarded Expert’s Choice in 2019. Their tracking system is simple to set up and use. It is obtainable for the free download on the internet. Their platform not only ensures the protection of children, but also improves driver abilities and reduces fuel use.

6. InnoVita Technologies is a company that develops new technologies.

The innovative vehicle tracking technology from is an all-in-one solution for school bus tracking and in-bus attendance systems. Live tracking, speeding alerts, pick/drop SMS, and customization choices are just a few of the important features. Parents can effortlessly track their children’s location with the Pigeon Plus Notify app.

7. Tracking by Prosoftek

This India-based company’s efficient vehicle tracking system plans and coordinates with school transportation management to ensure the safety of pupils riding in school buses. Various applications are available for schools and parents to receive status updates. It is simple to keep track of route alterations, unnecessary stops, and speeding.

8. Elements of the DSGN

This is a well-known GPS tracking firm in Dubai that provides complete school bus tracking. They are known for giving the most precise service at the most affordable prices. The capable team here allows you to optimise the operation using real-time intelligence to ensure that student transportation is well-managed.

9. Tektronix Technology LLC (Tektronix) is a company that specialises in

This school bus tracking company situated in the United Arab Emirates provides cutting-edge fleet and asset management solutions. School management and parents can have a better picture of what is going on inside and around the bus thanks to high-resolution digital video capture. This video, which is synced with telematic data, makes it simple to keep track of bullying, student discipline issues, and driver safety concerns.

10. Floras in blue

This Dubai-based school bus tracking service uses iBeacons to follow students and buses in real time. The system includes live bus tracking as well as touch-free check-in and check-out options. Real-time data, reactive route optimization, and improved flexibility for drivers with map view and route information are all significant advantages.

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