top 10screen lock app for android in india

In India, the top ten screen lock apps 1. NiL S Lock Screen for Notifications:


This lock screen allows you to access alerts directly from the locked screen. You can access Gmail, Facebook, and other notifications immediately from your lock screen without having to unlock it. You may even change the background image and control the quantity of notifications that appear on the lock screen.

Swipe down on the screen once you’ve finished looking at notifications and completing any necessary actions. The clock is also accessible for free as a built-in feature.

Here’s where you can get it.

C Locker Pro is number two.

Lock Screen Apps with C Locker Pro

C Locker Pro is a good Android lock screen app to try. If someone tries to unlock your phone, it will automatically take a selfie. This lock screen will also send you an email about it. There are more than 30 custom shortcuts you can create to make calls, receive notifications, open apps, and more. It supports PIN and pattern lock as well as a fingerprint sensor in some of the phones. The software comes with basic features in the free version, but the most of the intriguing features are only available in the subscription version.


3. Hello, Locker

Hello, Locker.

Hi Locker is another excellent Android lock screen software. The software has a few options and isn’t too taxing on the battery. It comes in three different styles and can be used with a fingerprint sensor on a variety of devices. You can customise the lock screen’s appearance and feel to suit your preferences. Keep the lock screen fresh by showing random wallpaper from Flickr. If you choose, you can also use the weather information screen.

Here is where you can get it.

4. Lock Screen with a Dynamic Lock:

Lock Screen with Dynamic Changes

On the lock screen, this application simply lights up a little to show notification of missed calls and received texts. This also shows the emails and messages you’ve received from other social media sites. You have the option of making your photo the background image. It allows you to share a screenshot of your lock screen with a buddy via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. When your phone is in your pocket, a key aspect of this app is that it does not light up. This is to avoid any unintended consequences.

It is free to use, and if you upgrade to premium, you will gain access to additional options such as masking the sender’s name and phone number in the notification, enabling mode, and more. There’s also the ability to alter the lock’s icon that appears on the screen.

Here’s where you can get it.

5. It Is Always On

Android app that is always on

If you appreciate the Always-On display on Samsung devices and want it on your phone, download the Always On app. It simulates an always-on display that displays the time, notifications, and other information. The app’s goal is to provide users with rapid information without requiring them to touch their phones. If your phone has an LCD display, it won’t be as good, but smartphones with panels perform pretty well. The software has a few custom watch faces as well as support for pocket mode. It also allows you to wake up with a double tap, a swipe up to the key, or a back button press. You can also change the screen’s orientation.



6.: Android lock screen app

is a straightforward lock screen programme that employs method. It adds the possibility of an ambient display to any Android phone. An active mode device is included in the app. Notifications are displayed on the lock screen and can be opened immediately from there.

You can also enable dynamic background, disable notification sending, and change other settings. It comes with a variety of background options.

The main flaw in this programme is that it hasn’t been updated in a long time. The most recent update was in July 2015/

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: App to lock the screen

is yet another intriguing Android lock screen app. On the lock screen, you can leave notes, drawings, and photos. It’s similar to a shared whiteboard that’s only useful if your pal is also involved. You can form a group of people who will all be viewing the same screen at the same time. can write or draw something, and it will appear on the lock screen of those individuals.



Apps to Lock Your Screen

is for students who want to study something useful. When you try to unlock the phone, the software gives you a vocabulary question. Even if you don’t know the solution, you can still use your. The complexity of learning puzzles grows over time.

More than 50,00 packs are available for over 50 languages in the app. As a result, you can communicate in more than 50 languages.

Lock Screen App may be downloaded here.

is also a decent lock screen replacement that looks just like Android’s stock lock screen. You can add things like notifications, and other data to your account based on your preferences. The software includes features such as a chat head, themes, and the ability to turn on the display when the phone is pocketed. You can reply to messages directly from the app’s notification. It also provides On the lock screen, you can control the music.

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10. Begin

Begin by launching the programme that locks the screen.

Start is a good lick screen that you should not overlook. It provides quick access to news and material. You will find navigation to be simple and intuitive. There are a variety of password locks, widgets, news, weather, app shortcuts, and other features. It has mini-quizzes that can be used to pass the time. Although the programme is free to download and use, it does contain advertisements.

Here is where you can get it.

These are the most effective locks for Android devices. Install them on your smartphone to safeguard your crucial documents and information. Its extra capabilities, like as viewing messages and making phone calls from the lock screen, are extremely useful. Please hurry!

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